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Does your company have employees that show great potential, but you aren’t sure how to unleash that potential? Do you have employees that could be great, but have a flaw that prevents them from being that great employee? That’s where Expert Performance comes in. We provide executive coaching Chicago services with a different approach than other performance coaching companies and services.

Here at Expert Performance, we take what we call an appreciative approach to executive coaching. We don’t focus on what’s wrong, but we focus on what’s right. We use the individual’s strengths as the focus for powerful and positive development.

For more information on our performance coaching services, call us today at 847-831-3182 and let’s start turning your employees into all-star performers.

Expert Performance: Executive Coaching Chicago

Our coaching experts at the Center for Expert Performance take the approach that no one is broken or in need of repair. We focus on the strengths and positives of your employees as opposed to the negatives and weaknesses. We’ve found that discussing the weaknesses can be discouraging and the outcomes from our approach and services can be dramatic.

Part of our process is to discover you and your employees’ hidden strengths and how to optimize those strengths. We then create a motivational direction that assures your personal vision will be reached and you overcome those annoying weaknesses. The changes in your employees’ behavior and attitudes will be noticeable. You and your team will see an improvement in team projects as your employees work and grow together to achieve the desired results.

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Our curriculum focuses on key areas of executive coaching. We can meet in person (if you are located nearby) or by telephone for the initial 14 sessions. The sessions are one hour long and are held every two weeks. If you want to turn your team into expert performers; get started today and call us at 847-831-3182.

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