Executive Training

At the Center for Expert Performance, we take a unique appreciative approach to executive training. We focus on your strengths and work to improve those as opposed to focusing on your weaknesses. We’ve found that focusing on your weaknesses is discouraging and can be counterproductive. When you train with us, we teach you to emphasize the positive and to build off of those to accomplish your goals and for you to experience powerful development.

If you find that you and/or your organization is in need of executive training, call us today at 847-831-3182. Or fill out the quick contact form to the right and one of our associates will get back to you shortly.

Executive Training that gets Results

Executive TrainingWhen you first begin your executive training, we work with you for 14 one-hour sessions every other week. This can be done in person or over the phone, however group work is in person. At the end of each session, you work on a powerful agreed upon assignment that will help you get and your team get closer to your goals. What you can expect to notice after the initial training sessions are:

  • Increased focus on new behaviors that will lead you to your personal goals.
  • You will use executive training tools and methods that help you interact more effectively with others. This helps you delegate and utilize the right people for the right projects or tasks.
  • Overall improvement in team performance as your teams grow and work together to achieve results for the company
  • Improved business results as your focus on the business assures growth.
  • You may even notice improvements in personal relationships as a result of our executive training methods.

The changes in your employees’ attitudes and behaviors will be noticed as well. They will begin to work more efficiently and with energy towards the same common goal and that’s working together to make the company flourish.

Executive Training with the Center for Expert Performance

For more information on our executive training sessions and what it could do for your company, call us today at 847-831-3182. Or fill out the quick contact form on the right and we will respond shortly.

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