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You probably don't have the time, desire or ability to rescue a good performer who could be great or to help an emerging A player move to the next level of their career. Find out what Executive & Sales Coaching can do for you.

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Expert Performance

Need more top performers? Why teach and coach everyone in your organization to learn the secrets of your very best performers? Find out how it happens by clicking on the link.

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Sales Coaching

Clients improve and grow under our coaching and development processes. Click on the link to read testimonials and case studies.

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A Senior Executive who knows you can get more out of your people

At the Center for Expert Performance we work with senior executives and owners who know they can get more out of their people yet feel continuing frustration trying to gain that desperately needed employee boost. You think of your people as your most valuable asset and willingly invest to make them great. Yet you feel stressed by mediocre or ebbing sales, marginal quality and challenging employees. You offer great products or services but still can’t get into high gear.  Through our proprietary Expert Performance tools we guarantee increases in performance and productivity giving you the acceleration you want and need.

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Our most successful clients are those willing to work, converting our discussion into practice and action.Our best clients embrace lifelong learning, open themselves to new ideas and work diligently practicing new skills every day.

Let Expert Performance Help

So, get out of the slow lane using the Center for Expert Performance’s unique coaching approaches and the proprietary tools that create company wide expert performance. Assure yourself and your organization of the high speed progress you want and deserve.

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I have worked closely with Vince Racioppo over the last few years and have been greatly impressed with both his capabilities and his excellent work. Using Vince's approach to modeling high performing sales managers and sales people we have been able to identify the key variables that truly drive high performance, reflecting well more than just competencies and critical behaviors.Steve Grossman, Partner - Aon Hewitt

Vince Racioppo has dramatically helped me to improve and develop my communication skills and awareness both at business and at home ... Vince's ability to cut through the issues and help me focus on important matters was instrumental in my communication skill and style growth. Jeff Pratt, North America Vice President of Sales - Globe Union Group, Inc.

Our company use lots of great development tools but I value the individualized and customized coaching from the Center for Expert Performance because it forced me to hone in on challenges, measure my progress and make changes. I would not have progressed nearly as quickly in my career without Vince Racioppo.Brandon Orlando, National Director, Account Lead - Philips, Jones Lang LaSalle

Vince's professionalism and coaching abilities allows me to feel comfortable to continue recommending him to senior leaders for their continued development and coaching. Vince has done an outstanding job and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented and highly effective coach.Cindy S. Riehman, Director Leadership & Organizational Development - Lurie Children's Hospital of Chicago

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