I have never been through coaching...what is it?

Coaching is a powerful, fulfilling and rewarding process. For you, executive and leadership coaching may be the first opportunity you can take to intensely focus on what you want and where you want your career to progress. Most of us spend our work days moving from issue to issue never spending time on ourselves. Coaching is your time for you.

At the beginning we identify your strengths and experiences that have given you the most energy. This experience in itself is expansive, thought provoking and rewarding.  Next we identify you vision and direction giving you a clear pathway to reach your aspirations. Finally, we plot a course of activities to help you reach your maximum potential. Sometimes that pathway is expanding your horizons, or other times, finally being able to set aside vexing every day issues. The Center for Expert Performance is unique. We take an appreciative approach, a positive, strength based coaching process in which no one is broken or needs to be fixed. Coaching is all about the positive and the focus is on you.

Do you have to do Executive Coaching in person?

Although coaching is often best in person, executive coaching can be done easily by telephone. Most people find this method convenient and efficient.

We have tried coaching before, how does your approach differ?

Most coaching looks for what is weak or wrong with the client called deficit coaching a frustrating continued focus on weaknesses. No one wants to spend that much time on weaknesses. At the Center for Expert Performance, we take an appreciative approach emphasizing strengths, possibility and positivity. We are continually amazed that as strengths  are emphasized, weaknesses are addressed making the whole program that much more rewarding.

How many coaching sessions are there?

We usually recommend one hour every other week for 14 sessions to begin. Many clients continue after that.

What do we do in coaching?
  • First we help you uncover your strengths and positive experiences. We use these as a potent springboard for the creation of a personal, compelling vision.
  • Next, we focus on your dreams, your personal vision producing a solid future reality that draws you toward it.
  • Finally, we work together to create a clear, well marked pathway to that desired dream and vision. In addition to uncovering strengths and forming your dream, we also use each session to tackle current issues and challenges. Every session ends with an agreed upon assignment.

What do you teach during sales coaching?

The Center for Expert Performance teaches everything from prospecting, to sales conversations, to tracking and optimizing. We have a 24 two and a half hour sessions from which we can select any topic that will deliver top notch sales. See the topics in our Sales Coaching section.

How will coaching help my company?

Coaching is one of the most powerful methods for developing new, beliefs, behaviors and habits. Clients realize greater sales, enhanced leadership, and better employee engagement. For those star individuals, coaching helps enhance their career and move them farther down the leadership track. For others whose serious challenges hold them back, coaching can reduce, compensate and sometimes eliminate debilitating issues. Of course all of this translates to increased productivity and profitability.

What is Expert Performance and how can it help?

Ever ask a top sales  person how he or she is so successful. The response is often frustrating, "I don't know, I just talk to people". Not helpful, is it? But this is a great example of Expert Performance which is frequently shrouded in what seems to be a  magical and unexplainable mystery. Yet Expert Performance is completely discover-able.

In fact, the Center for Expert Performance uncovers the expertise of any high performer group whether in sales, project management, customer service , or even heavy equipment repair. The resulting Expert Model captures the beliefs, strategies and behaviors creating tools that help an organization understand exactly how the rest of the people stack up to the experts. This difference between the experts and the others becomes the launch point for training, education, coaching and other development to raise up the rest of the organization to near expert levels. We've seen this approach increase sales, for example, by 38% in 90 days. Contact us to engage in a conversation about Expert Performance discovery and whether it is right for you.

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