Because the Center for Expert Performance frequently interviews and studies experts, we have accumulated a treasure trove of wisdom from these leaders. Enjoy the articles below and free stuff below. Each one captures different aspects of expert leadership and performance.

7 Reasons Your Next Hire Will Fail

Forty-six percent of hires fail within the first 18 months whether they leave, are fired, or receive poor performance reviews. The Bureau of Labor and Statistics tells us that, at a minimum, you will spend 1/3 of the job's salary replacing a failed hire. Take a look at the seven reasons your next hire might fail and discover ways to reduce costly attrition.

Three Steps to Creating Expert Performers

Enjoy an article explaining the three simple steps to create expert performers. Improving performance is easier than you may think. The article includes sample questions to uncover deep expertise, hints on how to uncover everyone's level of expert performance, and the most important step, how to ensure lasting expert change.

Selling Power - Get 10% More From Your Middle Performers

Read an article from Selling Power Magazine written by Dr. Racioppo and learn how to increase the sales of your middle performers.

Expert Leadership - How to Handle Complaints

Expert leaders are adept at handling complaints. Learn the secrets to diffuse difficult situations and how to redirect  someone who complains frequently.

Hire and Hold the Best

Poor hiring can cost an organization an exorbitant amount -- much more than you think. Learn what bad hiring and retention of disengaged employees is really costing you. And what you can do about it.

How to Get Your Employees to Motivate Themselves

Many leaders ask us at the Center for Expert Performance how to raise motivation. Surprisingly motivation is rarely about increased salary and bonuses. It's about the connection of what is personally important to the individual to company needs. The article lists the questions you need to ask to uncover personal motivation then explains how to connect motivation to action.

Eight Characteristics of Expert Performing Organizations

Our research shows that Expert Organizations exhibit eight simple characteristics that lead to great performance. This straight forward article tells you how to create the organization that you want.

Strategic Thinking

Learn how expert performing leaders think strategically. You will most likely be surprised by several interesting outcomes of this study. Did you know, for example, that high performing strategic thinkers truly believe that failure is impossible? Would you like to have that belief yourself?

White Paper - What is Expert Performance

This White Paper discusses the nature of Expert Performance, specifically how it is obtained and ways that, as leaders, we can grow expertise in their companies.

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