Testimonials & Case Studies

I have worked closely with Vince Racioppo over the last few years and have been greatly impressed with both his capabilities and his excellent work. Using Expert Performance's approach to modeling high performing sales managers and sales people we have been able to identify the key variables that truly drive high performance, reflecting well more than just competencies and critical behaviors. Vince’s unique “expert performance” modeling and his insights from his deep experience have paved the way for our clients to elevate the capabilities and performance of their entire sales effort by changing a few relatively simple, but powerful, things such as the basis for hiring, training, developing and managing their sales teams. I encourage anyone seeking to understand the hidden talents of their very best performers to engage Vince. Steve Grossman, Partner - Aon Hewitt

Expert Performance has dramatically helped me to improve and develop my communication skills and awareness both at business and at home. In addition, he has coached others on our executive team and has helped several of my direct reports become ready for advancement including two Directors who have been promoted to Vice President. Vince's ability to cut through the issues and help me focus on important matters was instrumental in my communication skill and style growth.Jeff Pratt, North America Vice President of Sales - Globe Union Group, Inc.

Our company use lots of great development tools but I value the individualized and customized coaching from the Center for Expert Performance because it forced me to hone in on challenges, measure my progress and make changes. I would not have progressed nearly as quickly in my career without Vince Racioppo. Because Vince crosses multiple industries, he brings fresh and new perspectives to our business from outside our industry.Brandon Orlando, National Director, Account Lead – Philips, Jones Lang LaSalle

I have known and worked with Vince Racioppo for over 15 years. As an executive coach, Vince has helped a number of my senior internal clients (including our COO & CFO) to grow their capabilities and skills at both Dade Behring, Siemens, and Lurie Children's Hospital. Expert Performance's professionalism and coaching abilities allows me to feel comfortable to continue recommending him to senior leaders for their continued development and coaching. Vince has done an outstanding job and I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a talented and highly effective coach.Cindy S. Riehman, Director Leadership & Organizational Development, Human Resources - Ann & Robert H. Lurie Children’s Hospital of Chicago

As Executive Vice President of the National Kitchen Bath Association, I was awaiting the decision of the board whether they would hire an outside person or promote me to CEO. The board recommended coaching with Vince Racioppo who helped me address a number of challenges that would enable me to receive the promotion. In fact last year I was given the CEO position in part as a result of the work with Dr. Racioppo. Even after more than a two years later I continue to work with Vince who provides sage counsel as I deal with the many challenges inherent in an Association. He continues to help me expand my leadership capabilities and to enhance my ability to be successful in my role.Bill Darcy, CEO - National Kitchen and Baths Association

Expert PerFormance Case Study

A large organization referred a financial manager for coaching. HR had fielded several complaints concerning his communication style and thought he would improve his future opportunities by receiving outside help. We first asked him to explain what gave him great joy in his work. He relished opportunities to think strategically and to offer business guidance to his organization, a motivation singularly attuned to leadership.

We provided examples from expert communicators to help him to improve his interpersonal communication skills. He readily and easily adopted these capabilities. But what came next was even more fascinating.

Upon asking him about his dream, he replied that he wanted to be a "mini CFO" even though his capabilities and experience would enable him to do much more. This apparent incongruity between capabilities and experience and his dream prompted us to probe for more explanation and understanding. Underlying his incongruity was a limiting belief that he could only undertake a new job if he was already experienced in that position. When asked if he had ever taken a position he had yet to experience, he replied that there was never any position for which he was singularly prepared. We challenged his limiting belief emphasizing that he need not experience a position to accept it since he knew how to successfully learn new positions. As a result of this coaching intervention, not only did he dramatically improve communication, he became recognized as a high potential in the organization. He now wants to become a CFO or beyond.