Executive Coaching

Do you have high potential employees but you have neither the time or the right people to grow and coach them?

Are your people failing to deliver?

Do have people who could be great but have a fatal flaw that needs correction?

Do you have top performers who you could ill afford to lose to a competitor?

The Center for Expert Performance’s unique appreciative approach to executive coaching assures progress when typical coaching fails. Think back to a time when you had conversations about your weaknesses – how discouraging.Executive Coaching

No matter how much we try to overcome them, weaknesses seem to persistently hang on. Instead, The Center for Expert Performance executive coaching focuses on the positive using the individual’s strengths and future desires as a springboard for powerful change and development.

It’s not about what’s wrong, it’s about what’s right!

We focus on the following:

  • Fully understand your strengths and those peak experiences that give you incredible energy and sense of accomplishment
  • Create and define a long term vision for yourself that is the definitive blueprint for your career
  • Challenge yourself to reach greater heights than you thought possible
  • Diagnose using a 30-plus point benchmark survey that enables you to identify then execute the easily learned and retained detailed tactics, actions and strategies that make all of the above possible
  • Take a hard look at business results and learn what will allow you to achieve growth
  • Teach your team how to optimize their performance

During our initial engagement, we work with you for 14 one-hour sessions every other week either in person or by phone. Group work is in person. Each session ends with a powerful agreed upon assignment that will take you closer to your vision.

What you will notice.

  • Increased focus on new behaviors that lead you to your personal vision. You move closer and closer to that personal dream.
  • Use powerful expert performance tools and methods for interacting more effectively with others. You influence and achieve more particularly through others.
  • Improved team performance. Teams grow and work together to achieve company results.
  • Improved business results. Your focus on the business assures growth.
  • Personal relationships improvement. Many clients even notice improved relationships with family and friends.
Center for Expert Performance Executive Coaching Process
  • Discover your hidden strengths and how to optimize these strengths to produce expert performance
  • Create a compelling direction for yourself that assures that you reach your personal vision and overcome those pesky weaknesses
  • Draw the road map that will get you the results you want without the usual negativity and doubt.
  • Compare yourself to the very best using our proprietary survey (self feedback and others give you feedback)

The Center for Expert Performance coaching leadership curriculum focuses on key areas of executive coaching.

We meet either in person (if you happen to be nearby) or by telephone for an initial 14 sessions. The one hour sessions are held every two weeks. Since you are in charge of direction, we can focus on key areas important to you or we can use our specialized leadership curriculum. Here are example topics:

  • How to uncover and link your needs to the motivations of others
  • How to be seen as a positive and compelling leader
  • Using powerful patterns of influence
  • Get what you want through specific language
  • How to use powerful persuasive language
  • Using the most effective conflict styles
  • Employing the 7 step conflict resolution
  • Motivating others to act
  • Forming Life Balance -- Finding time in your life
  • Creating teams that deliver
  • Working with emotional people
  • Dealing with negative personalities.

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