Expert Performance Transfer

Ever ask an expert performer how he/she produces results. The usual response is, “I don’t know, I just do it”. Not helpful, is it?

What would happen if you could capture the secret ingredients from your expert performers and were able to infuse everyone else with that same high level of expertise?

At the Center for Expert Performance, we uncover the step-by-step processes of top experts both at your organization and at others. Then we help you to transfer that expertise by teaching, coaching and training your average performers to become extraordinary through our Expert Performance Transfer. The Center for Expert Performance leaves you with a process to spread that expertise across your entire organization helping you to sustain expert performance long after our engagement with you ends.

Imagine being able to uncover the "magic"  that makes your expert performers the best of the best. Often times that expertise is not easily identified. Unless you use our expert performance tools, you will struggle to uncover the deep expertise that actually sets apart your best from the rest.  By bench-marking everyone in the organization, we can establish coaching and education programs that raise the performance of all your people. We typically see anywhere from a minimum of 10% to 40% performance improvements.

What you will notice:

  • People will perform better. (One client realized a 38% increase in transaction sales in 90 days). You should expect at least a ten percent increase.
  • Your company will fill your succession pipeline with high performers ready to take the leadership reins.
  • You will reduce turnover of your best people.
  • You will streamline your development efforts by focusing only on the learning that makes the biggest difference saving money on education and training.
  • Your company/business will improve hiring.
How Expert Performance Transfer Works
  • Identify your expert performers.
  • Uncover the expertise of your highest performers through the Center for Expert Performance modeling process. The modeling process uncovers expertise which no other method can identify.
  • Bench-mark everyone against the very best performers.
  • Create individualized development plans which includes training, education and coaching.
  • Measure for results.

Using Vince’s approach to modeling high performing sales managers and sales people we have been able to identify the key variables that truly drive high performance, reflecting well more than just competencies and critical behaviors.

Why It Works
When our children are young, we teach them the basics of living, for example, how to tie shoes or the more complex task of bicycle riding. Repeated tasks can be vexing for adults to teach because tying our shoes, for example, is so automatic, we struggle to break down the process into its basic steps. As we grow and mature, some of us become experts in fields such as music, science, and sales. Interestingly, experts face the same challenge teaching others struggling to break apart frequently used processes into basic components. It's not uncommon for the expert to say, "I don't know how I do it. I just do".

But the reason is interesting. Recent brain research shows that expertise is stored in procedural memory as a series of unconscious compressed steps retrieved by the expert as one indivisible process. This may be why many experts fail to become great first line managers. They simply cannot access the steps that must be taught to to their people to create expertise. Expertise is literally beyond their consciousness.

Our Expert Performance Transfer Services

Typical processes designed to capture expertise fail to uncover these unconscious steps that create expertise. It's not enough to ask the experts how they perform because most don't really know. To pry these steps from the unconsciousness of experts, the Center for Expert Performance uses proprietary modeling tools for Expert Performance Transfer, that uncover the step-by-step activities that create expertise. Once these steps are uncovered, the whole organization benefits through better coaching, education and training.

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