Executive Coaching Services

ServicesCoaching begins for most people because an individual 1)  performs well but has a serious challenge, 2) is already a top performer and the organization wants him or her to grow rapidly, or 3) a team performs well individually but not as a group. Any of these reasons should cause you to consider executive coaching. The Center for Expert Performance employs a unique approach, called appreciative coaching. The appreciative approach assumes no one is broken or needs to be repaired. Think back to a time when you had conversations about your weaknesses – how discouraging. No matter how much we try to overcome them, weaknesses seem to stick with us. Our executive coaching focuses on strengths as opposed to weakness, and positivity in contrast to negativity.  The outcomes from our services can be dramatic.
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Sales Coaching Services

At the Center for Expert Performance, we have interviewed hundreds of top sales people and uncovered the seemingly mysterious steps that create high sales performance. Our approach begins with a survey of your strengths as a sales person or manager so that you may have a clear road map of success. We follow this step with step by step coaching to achieve success.
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Expert Performance Transfer

At the Center for Expert Performance, we take the mystery out of high performance. We have uncovered the step-by-step processes to turn a group of so-so performers into experts, making the ordinary, extraordinary. Find out more...Learn More

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