Team Coaching

Team CoachingThere are few challenges faced in a working environment that are more difficult than getting your employees to work together as a team. They may have great attitudes towards one another, but if their communication and leadership skills are lacking, the team assignment may be doomed from the start. You could also being experiencing the opposite, where your employees don’t get along or work well together and find yourself at a loss as to how to remedy the situation. The experienced team coaching professionals at the Center for Expert Performance can help.

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Positive Team Coaching

At the Center for Expert Performance, we take a fresh approach to team coaching and training. Gone are the days where coaching strategies target and employee’s weakness. Instead, we highlight the positive attributes of your employees, building off of those and giving them confidence to hone and refine those skills to take them to the next level.

As a result, you will notice better communication among your employees, team members taking initiative when it comes to spearheading challenging tasks, and they will require less guidance from you to achieve these tasks.

We utilize a 30-plus point benchmark survey that helps identify what your employees excel at. We work with those positives to create an easily learned and retained strategy that will enhance your employees’ performance.

Appreciative Team Coaching

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