Sales Coaching Chicago

Sales Coaching ChicagoYour company’s sales team can arguably be considered to be the most valuable asset to you and your company. If you are not getting the most from them as far as production and closing, your sales team may be in need of sales coaching in Chicago from the Center for Expert Performance. We have powerful tools and sales methods that help identify the strengths of your sales team and we use those to propel your employees to accomplish their goals and the achieve the company’s vision.

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Powerful Sales Coaching Chicago

At the Center for Expert Performance, we implement a powerful and multi-pronged approach to sales coaching and development. We help identify your best performers and their expertise using our Center for Expert Performance proprietary tools. After that, we create a powerful diagnostic tool to help benchmark members of your sales team against the best performers in your company and from outside companies. Once the information is gathered, our coaches along with your managers develop tailored plans for individuals.

We implement and use educational offerings that augment our training and coaching from the Samurai Business Group’s extensive system that match the needs of your company. Some of the topics include:

  • Personal Business Plan
  • Self-Management
  • High Performance Mental State
  • Human Behavior Styles
  • And Much More!

Expert Performance Sales Coaching

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