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The Impossible IS Possible

October 24, 2017

I sometimes wonder where the next project will come from or what I need to do to really get things rolling. In those moments, I can go to a dark place and the pity party really gets rolling. But I snap myself back when I think of those whose drive and bravery have overcome so much. They teach us all that the seemingly impossible is possible.

I want to tell you about one such friend Katia who grew up in Romania. When she was little, she watched TV images from the US, images that fed her dreams and eventually drew her from her homeland. When she was in her late teens, she asked her father, who was living in the US, to sponsor her to come to Chicago. Since she was estranged from her dad, she had to find a place to live once she arrived. With little planning and a lot of faith, she told me of walking the streets of Chicago with nowhere to sleep and only a few dollars in her pocket – not even enough for a night’s meal and lodging – and the address of friends who were not expecting her. She found their home, and after the unexpected knock on their door, her friends graciously invited her in and ultimately cared for her as they would their own daughter. In time, they helped her complete high school. Who among us would have such courage and faith – the impossible is possible.

After school, she decided to pursue a career in banking and because of her drive and determination became one of the top account producers. She left the bank and is now completing her undergraduate degree at Northwestern University. Katia has decided to pursue her dream to dedicate her life to making our workplace experiences more humane, joyful and engaging. I’m not certain how she will reach her dream but I do know that the same courage and faith that brought her from Romania, to a family, to an education, to top performance will lead her to success.

I think about my own immigrant grandparents arriving in the US blessed only with tremendous hope and meager savings. They created a home and a family and gave multiple generations life and the opportunities that America has to offer. Many of us have similarly inspiring stories of the bravery and courage of our own ancestors.

So when you are feeling down or sorry for yourself, remember those before us and our friends around us who have overcome tremendous difficulties far greater than our own. Their faith and drive triumphed over adversity. They made it and so can you!

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